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Walkways & Patios

Walkways, Patios & Hardscapes


Walkways & Patios

Walkways and Patios for your Home or Business

Add curb appeal to your home and landscaping, while adding elegance and value. There are numerous materials to choose from, many being affordable, maintenance free, and long lasting. With countless colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from we’ll make sure you find the perfect complement for your landscape.

At Aqua Tech Irrigation we specialize in creating beautiful and long lasting walkway and patio designs that will add to your home or business.  Our team will consult with you on the best possible solution for your particular area, and make sure to finish the project on time using only the highest quality stones and finishing products.

  • Walkways 
    • Welcome guests by paving the entryways and walkways to your home, which will also cut down on the amount of dirt & debris that gets tracked in.
  • Patios
    • Extend your outdoor living area with an attractive and durable space to entertain and relax
  • Granite steps
  • Stone & retaining walls

Walkway and Patio Ideas and Designs

Walkway, Patio & Hardscape Products

Durable, long lasting, top quality products from Cambridge Paving Stones.

Service Locations

We offer our home walkway and patio services throughout the Southeast Seacoast New Hampshire area

Locations Serviced

  • Brentwood NH
  • Durham NH
  • Exeter NH
  • Greenland NH
  • Hampton NH
  • Kensington NH
  • New Castle NH
  • Newfields NH
  • Newmarket NH
  • North Hampton NH
  • Nottingham NH
  • Portsmouth NH
  • Rye NH
  • Seabrook NH
  • Stratham NH